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TechnoRiverStudio Community Edition

Free label design and card printing software
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2 November 2014

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This is a barcode designing tool.

This is a barcode designer that supports most of the linear and 2D barcode fonts. It includes the GS1-DataBar, the next major barcode symbology used on many trade items. The community edition is one of the editions this product is available in. This is a feature rich software tool. This is very easy to use, however. It has comprehensive database support, powerful design capabilities, flexible database integration, extensive barcode support and a highly intuitive user interface. This tool will help you create barcode labels in multiple languages. In fact, the same label can have text from different languages to be entered. That makes it easy to use when the product may cross more than one language zone internationally. The multiple database compatibility makes it easy to use the database of your choice such as Microsoft Access, MySQL, Oracle, Excel and delimited text files. The data base could be any other Microsoft ODBC and OLE-DB compliant data sources.

This tool has a large and expandable Label Stock database. Labels of all dimensions, regions and cutouts are available readily in this database. Users can start their designs from one of these existing labels as the template and extend it and thereby simplify the design. This greatly simplifies the task of designing labels as user can choose an existing template to get started with. This tool can support barcode needs from all over the enterprise. Clients connected to the network can request labels with this tool by sending print requests to the directory or mailbox. This same tool can help create CD/DVD labels. It can create professional looking CD Jewel Case inserts, front and rear covers and side spines quickly and easily. This is a very good tool.

Publisher's description

TechnoRiverStudio Community Edition is a useful tool for label design, ID and business cards printing. It is the free edition of the award winning barcode software TechnoRiverStudio. It provides powerful features like WYSIWYG design, Image Acquisition, Image/Vector graphics, Rich Text, Circular Text, Advanced Print Management, Autofit Text and International text. In addition to the printing of labels, TechnoRiverStudio is also capable of rendering them into a series of image files in JPG, PNG or TIFF format.
To assist in the design of labels,TechnoRiverStudio also comes with one of the industry largest and expandable Label Stock Database. The Stock Database stores the dimensions of many different labels, and greatly simplifies the task of label design.
This version provides a completely new look and feel with the latest Office 2013 style ribbon and sliders.
TechnoRiverStudio Community Edition
TechnoRiverStudio Community Edition
Version 8.12
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